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Monday TV rocks

Okay, my fav part to talk about on my blog.. the "black box".. my tv is actually more silver color.. lol.. anyways..
So, Big Bang Theory.. that was funny.. this show is really smart and clever.. i hate to admit it.. the first time I heard of it.. I thought this show is stupid.. I was wrong.. Sheldon is hand downs.. the Barney of this show.. on the side that Sheldon has all of the funny antic remarks.. Penny and Sheldon scenes are totally worth seeing.. Sheldon driving on the simulator was the highlight of this episode.. well of course his "star wars sheets" were up there as well..

One Tree Hill.. was a snooze fest.. this show is getting bland.. the storylines are boring.. that's bout all i can say

The Hills was interesting.. poor Audrina.. stupid Justin Bobby.. and Spencer.. such jerks.. how cute is Brody??.. and Frankie.. best friends forever..

Heroes.. uh.. let's see, what upset me the most.. how about killing Adam Monroe (David Anders)!!!! how could you??!! WHY!!!?? I was so bummed out for the rest of the episode.. Stupid Arthur Petrelli.. Claire was so annoying in this episode.. seriously if your going to get the bad guy.. and you have the file.. you think you can read it.. and say to yourself.. oh wait he can control me with his mind.. I'll just use this stun gun to stop him. idiot.. Suresh is seriously going up the wall.. he's crazy!.. Hiro and Ando are adorable.. the only reason I still watch this show.  "Mr. African Isaac".. classic.  Matt and that blond chick.. seriously?? they have no chemistry.. she's also a bit young for him.. and Sylar.. I don't mind him.. i like him.. he's trying to fight his urge to kill.. and Peter well he's just being stubborn.. and what is up with Tracy and Nathan?? doesn't Tracy have a husband?? some politician?? i'm confused.. the writing is really going down the crapper..

okay now to my only show I would die for.. like seriously.. everytime I see there is some contest to go on the set of HIMYM.. it's only available for U.S. citizens.. rude.. oh well..

so it starts with Stella taking over her sister's unused wedding.. Ted willingly agrees.. man.. alive that steak that Stella's sister is eating sounds so good.. hmm.. Ted invites Robin to his wedding, who is in Tokyo.. doing the news with a monkey.. hehe..

Barney has a plan to get with Robin.. he has to get her drunk at Ted's wedding.. Lily says he won't make it.. and I knew he wouldn't.. :(..

so the gang arrives at Shelter Island.. Barney, Lily, and Marshall get no meat or alcohol at this place.  So Barney can't get with Robin.. no!!!.. haha.. spin doctors reference

Stella gets upset that Ted invited Robin to the wedding.. saying exes shouldn't come to their wedding
So Ted has to make the decision on whether she should come.. but Barney tells the gang it's too late she's already coming.. cause well he called her.. so Ted invites Tony (Stella's ex husband) to the wedding cause Lucy is with him.

Stella's sister hits on Barney.. and Barney says he's with someone.. trying to resist the temptation.. Stella is pissed at Ted.. for inviting the exes.. So Future Ted says if Stella talked to Robin, this whole story could have ended differently.. Blonde future kids are kind of weird looking.. But that's not how it worked out.. Ted talked to Robin.. Robin agrees with Ted.. about going to his wedding.. it's weird.. Robin goes into a blurb about how there will always be feelings between her and Ted... I don't think it's romantic feelings.. but like caring feelings.. instead you know??.. Robin is totally right.. this isn't Ted Mosby..

Robin goes to confide in Barney.. but stinkin Barney is with another girl.. This is your chance Barney!! ..But seriously, Barney had to be Barney in this episode.. he can't help it.. so close.. NPH.. your face is killin me slowly.. than Stella's sister comes and joins Barney and the other girl.. Barney did you ride the tricycle?? do you get the belt?? does Ted have the belt??

oh right.. the end.. Stella goes back to Tony.. leaving Ted alone with his friends.. except Robin.. who's on the ferry where she sees Stella and Tony.. This shocks Robin.. actually this shocked me.. It was definitely a different way of how I was going to see it end.. I thought it would have been totally predictable.. good job writers.. keeping me on the ball..

Will Barney and Robin ever be together?? I really want to know how this is going to happen..  Stinkin November sweeps.. I have to wait two freakin weeks!! I might not survive..  I need my NPH fix.. since David Anders was killed off Heroes.. so mean.. Last week's episode "Intervention"is going to have to suffice.. I guess.. I've rewatched the last scene like 25 times.. i know.. I'm crazy obssessive.. I d/l yesterday's episode.. so I could put it on my ipod.. but it was all blurry.. I was mad.. but than I just d/l from fastpasstv.. just as good.. retarded torrents.. okay.. so to sum up ..this episode was good.. not great.. but good.. it resolved all of the issues the season has been waiting to be done with.. and by that I mean Stella.. and a little bit of Ted and Robin.. and also some Robin and Barney.. not necessarily resolved but touched on it.. B+..

Other Tidbits:

- telepathic Ted and Stella.. and the fact Ted got it wrong, should tell you something
- Marshall being the girl at his wedding.. lol
- Barney's whole Numbers reference.. that was awesome.. there were so many cute little anecdotes on his whiteboard
- Ms. Cobie Smulders looks so pretty.. man she lost some weight..  def, different from the first season, eh.. can't complain
- ZITCH DOG!!.. go Marshall!
- Nameste stay here than I'm going to have to
- Stella and Robin's remarks to each other about Ted.. I love Stella's.. that was funny..
- the whole Ted's best friend is.. that was funny.. I loved Lily's reaction.. totally doesn't care
- flashback Marshall and Lily.. Lily was excellent in this.. Marshall cut your hair!!! it doesn't work anymore.. it's really bugging me.. someone make a petetion to cut Jason Segel's hair!!
- Jason Jones is kind of old for Stella..
- pretentious Ted.. oh correct this correct that..
- NPH is so good at trying to resist his temptations.. awesome acting!
- man Stella's sister is a whore.. hehe.. excuse that word..lol
- Robin's entrance made me laugh..
- Ted's remark about how he made it rain..

- House is on tonight!! oh crap.. I have to watch Dexter sometime.. hmm.. no hw.. i think.. well not due tomorrow.. yay!


I take it that you've already read my post on last night's HIMYM? (If not, just know that I ended up pretty pissed off at Robin despite her awesomeness in this episode.) But I think you're more right than I was about her motives for talking to Ted: that it's more friendship than anything else. All I know is during that scene I was terrified that they were going to start making out, and I must have overreacted in my post. I'm not sure why I thought they were going to. I think just having those two in a scene together makes my shippy self freak out, which I know is unrealistic. I mean, I was afraid Jim and Pam went to the gas station to break up too on The Office. Clearly, I have trouble with watching TV and keeping a clear head during the scene when one of my ships is on the line. This is another problem I have with TV. Besides, you know, caring too much and watching too much of it.

Man, did this episode have some awesome continuity or what?! There was zitch-dog, the rain, the blue French horn, "Ted's best friend"... and did you see all the awesomeness on that whiteboard?!? If not, someone posted an analysis on the Barney/Robin community somewhere. All the equations made me lol... especially this one that was like "desperation - judgment = success!" Oh, and let's not forget his "Just be myself?" crossed out. Oh, Barney.

And oh, that ending. Just when I'm expecting to enjoy myself during one of my shows and not have anything major happen, I get sucker-punched and walk around for the rest of my life in a daze. The exact same thing happened with Dr. Horrible. Damn you, NPH, and your sadsadsad faces. Also, damn you, sad montage at the end of this ep. Now I really wish they weren't rebroadcasting Sandcastles in the Sand next week. (Though I think that's setting the stage for something HUGE to happen with our BroTP!!!!!!!!)

And for once, I actually watched Heroes! (I was at home and my sister's really into it.) Poor David Anders. =( All I know is, he was super hot. And now we'll never get to see his pretty face again. =( I had no idea how weird that show had gotten over the past couple of years! (I haven't watched it since the "save the cheerleader" arc in S1.) When did Mohinder get evil?!? And when is Jess going to go ahead and die so I never have to see his smarmy face again? And can we change the show's name from "Heroes" to "Hiro"? =)
Yeah.. I did read your post.. but I wasn't sure if I should have commented.. you seemed kind of agitated from the episode.. hehe.. I didn't want to upset you more on your hatred for Robin.. lol.. i know how you dislike Ted.. so I didn't want to mention Robin. I didn't mind the episode.. I liked it more than the Hamburger one to be honest. Robin didn't seem that bad, I mean all she did was tell Ted that Stella isn't right for him. That's what the intervention was for last week... or was suppose to be. Marshall said it best, but Ted didn't want to listen. I'm kind of glad Robin was the one who could talk some sense into Ted, telling him he's not the real Ted Mosby anymore. and i think Robin is just looking out for Ted.. she just cares that he doesn't get hurt.. it's understandable on why she would say that she still has feelings.. but she knows why she can't act on them anymore is because she and him want different things.. but all in all she just wants him to be happy rather than have him all to herself.. in my opinion that's what i think she meant.

I know how you feel when your shipper is on the line.. but don't fret.. remember in 2009.. Barney and Robin are definitely together.. I'm almost 99% they will be together.. because well I'm just that optimistic.. that is my hope that they will be together. Keep that in mind.. ;).. oh and btw about the Office, when Jim proposed.. that totally made me smile.. that is like so romantic.. especially in the rain..

Continuity rocks!.. i loved it... zitchdog was my favorite.. lol.. but seriously, having Jason Segel gel back his hair in the flashback does not help.. I try to think, in Future Ted's point of view, Marshall's hair could look the same and different in all of the years and Future Ted could get mixed up alot, ie) the Goat.. so that's what is helping me to get used to his hair.. does that make sense, kind of? Yeah I checked out the post after lunch today.. i loved how other people obsessed with the show as much as we do.. had the time to go and pause each thing on the board.. i liked how he put the 4 (gin and tonic).. thing..

the ending.. was a shocker... i liked how they ended it.. way better than on "Friends".. if you watched when Ross married Emily.. but yeah.. Dr. Horrible was just sad... poor penny.. Joss Whedon, why?!! On comic con, someone mentions.. Joss likes to kill the female characters in his shows.. and it's true.. he does.. lol.. I love the duet between NPH and Felicia Day.. it's so beautiful.. I love watching it too.. i can't wait till the DVD comes out... yeah the montage was sad for sure.. I kind of hate Stella for doing that though.. because she's kind of being a hyprocrite.. saying Ted would have gone through everything she said he would if Robin showed up.. and look what she did herself.. not that I wanted Stella and Ted to end up together.. but still a little mean to Ted..

I don't know how I made it through the summer without HIMYM.. and this is only like 2 weeks.. and I hate it already.. lol..

you watched Heroes?? yeah.. it totally bummed me out.. :(.. come back David Anders!!.. i'll just watch Alias this weekend or something to get my fix.. lol.. Mohinder injected himself with some powers he came up with himself.. and there are some mild side effects.. you know being evil and all.. and by Jess.. you mean Peter? i'm guessing..lol.. oh Gilmore Girls.. good old days.. lol.. Peter is never going to die.. he's like the star of the show.. I definitely agree with changing the show to Hiro..
Yikes, did I really sound that mad at her? =/ Well, I'm not going to pretend I wasn't agitated at the end of last night's episode... being baited-and-switched tends to do that to me. Because I saw the breakup coming from a mile away, but I didn't expect it to happen at this episode. Or for anything to happen in this episode. And then with 5 minutes to go, Robin launches into her speech (which made a lot of good points about how he deserved better and blah blah blah, and if I wasn't so worried about the state of BroTP I might have cheered). Reading over the boards today has made me a little happier and calmer, I think. Now I'm mostly irritated at her timing. Seriously, Robin? You couldn't have said this during the intervention? You had to wait until HIS WEDDING DAY to talk him out of it? Geez.

And I'd be more annoyed at Barney, but I'm like Lily: I kind of expected him to fail. I just didn't expect Robin to have apparently the same plan he did, albeit one where she had a built-in excuse to avoid the situation again (i.e. blaming their "lapse" on alcohol, whereas Barney wanted to use it to lower her inhibitions. Which is different, I think.) Because regardless of what happened after, she totally went to the wedding planning to stay with him!!!! Oh God. This ship has me on a constant roller coaster. It's screwing with my head. And my heart.

Jason Segal's hair as a continuity issue doesn't really bother me: they've had the same kinds of issues with continuity in Lily's hair. I think you're right about SagetTed having memory problems with how people looked at certain times. My biggest problem with Jason Segal's hair, to be honest, is that it's gross-looking. (And you could tell especially during the flashback scenes because it was gelled back.) I look back at the old episodes of seasons 1 and 2, and I miss Marshall's old cute hair. Jason!!!! What happened????? =(

And the Penny/Billy duet in Dr. Horrible is my favorite song in that too!!! =) I watched the beginning of part 3 today just to see the whiteboard scene. I have it on iTunes, so if I had any sense I wouldn't be spending more money on the DVD once it comes out. Maybe it'll just go on my Christmas list.

Oh lord, going the summer without HIMYM?!?!? I don't know how I'm going to make that! I only started watching the show after I saw Dr. Horrible about 3 months ago, so I haven't had to endure a dry spell yet. But it's probably going to hurt me as much as a Lost hiatus. Ack!!!

And yes, by "Jess" I meant Peter. I watched Gilmore Girls for so long that I'm going to call those actors by their character names on the show forever. Like Sookie's on Samantha Who now, I think, but she'll always be Sookie to me. It's the reason I can't watch Supernatural: I'm still mad that Jared Padalecki left GG for that show. Also, it confuses me how his name isn't Dean, but his brother's is. Also, it's on Thursday, at the same time as Grey's and The Office, so it'll never work out.
I totally rewatched some episodes from the first season, I loved Marshall's hair. It was so cute.. i love when Marshall does.. the whole "oh snap, 2 zip".. guess the episode.. :)..

i totally know what you mean about how actors are known for different characters.. Whenever I see the actress who plays sookie.. i say that's sookie. I've never watched Supernatural.. but I totally agree how it's weird that Jared Padalecki's character's name is not Dean.. so confusing..

Grey's is on yay!.. i totally want Izzie and Alex to get together.. oh.. an 30 rock is on too!.. yaya.. I love TV..
OK, found the whiteboard analysis here:


Awesome sauce!

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