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Cause I'm bored...

Okay.. so there was no new episode of HIMYM.. which really bumbed me out.. but I did get to watch my fav ep.. "Sandcastles in the Sand".. totally worth it.. i watched right to the end.. because this time there was a little bit more of the music video.. and a little bit more of the kissing scene at the end.. kind of.. the episode I have does not have it.. grr..

So school is boring.. totally procrastinating as usual.. I have to study tonight for a stupid midterm.. I hope it isn't too bad.. what else..hmm.. I def need to start my 2nd essay, finish my proposal for ECMM 470, and finish typing up my ECUR 200 self reflection crap..

Oh.. but last weekend.. I totally got to talk to my guy.. he's so cute..  this is like the only reason I like to go  to work.. I'm considering even picking up an extra shift.. just to get a chance to see him.. i know.. i'm a dork.. and a loser.. whatevs..

Halloween is coming up.. what a stupid tradition.. it's just an excuse for people to get drunk.. wearing stupid costumes..

But I'm not sure if it's this weekend or not.. I'm suppose to go watch HSM3.. so that'll be a highlight..

ugh school sucks.. I need new HIMYM episodes... now.. or I might die.. okay.. not really.. TV is LIFE!


Was there really more music video/kissing at the end? It seemed about the same to me. But I was so happy I got to see it again!! If I were to dress up as anyone for Halloween, it'd be Robin Sparkles. But I'm not going to, sadly. =(

I don't know if you saw it, but I put up my robot theory on the Barney/Robin comm! I also wrote drabbles in the drabble-a-thon... first HIMYM fic ever!! It's exciting. And addictive.

Hold on... only 6 more days! ^_^
well to me there was more kissing.. haha.. but there was def more music video.. if I was into halloween.. i would totally dress up like Robin Sparkles.. but I don't have a blonde wig.. or anything else.. lol.. plus I'm chinese.. so it might look weird.. ppl might think I'm just some 80's asian chick.. lol..

I did see your Barney and Robin entry about robots.. i totally see where you were going before now.. it makes sense..

but back to your entry about brotp and robots.. I liked it.. when I was watching Sandcastles in the Sand yesterday.. i was totally thinking when the robot comes into the scene.. he's def representing Barney in a way... the flowers rep Barney being her shoulder to cry on..

I also read your HIMYM fic too.. i liked how Robin was getting mad at Billy and thinking it was Barney.. aww poor billy.. so shy.. and cute.. Neil Patrick Harris, why are you an extraordinary actor?!! why didn't you win an emmy?!! grr.. curses!! but i'm not really sure I understand the whole drabble-a-thon concept though..

ahh!! 6 more days.. i can't beleive I survived 7 days.. this is so hard.. but I did catch up on Season1 of Big Bang Theory.. such a funny show.. but now I have nothing to watch.. but apparently something good happened on House tonight.. but I have to wait till tomorrow to watch it.. i have to finish studying for my midterm for tomorrow.. and well I'm procrastinating by replying to your comment..

i get distracted easily.. oh look brotp entries.. i must investigate.. lol :)
I know!! Where is NPH's Emmy?!? Because I've seen Entourage, and I couldn't even tell which one was Jeremy Piven. Oh, and the show was too boring for me to watch properly. =( Boo.

And as for the drabble-a-thon, it's the most addictive thing I've ever discovered. Basically, people post prompts that other people have to reply to in some way. And I've never written any HIMYM fic before that, so I'm glad I'm getting some good feedback! Yesterday I wrote maybe 3 or 4 more instead of doing my work... haha.

I'm seriously dying to be Robin Sparkles now, since I'm kind of blond as it is... if I had a curling iron, it would totally work for me, I think. But I'm seriously lacking in jelly bracelets and a cool graffiti coat. Oh, and my Robin Sparkles T-shirt. I've told a couple of people who don't watch HIMYM that I want to be Robin Sparkles and they're all, "Oh... I don't know who that is." And it makes me want to educate them. But I'm probably not going to do anything for Halloween. Hypothetical Me, however, is fully going to let it Sparkle.

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