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Before Monday TV arrives

So before I post my review for tonight's HIMYM episode.. cause I'm that awesome, I can.. I'm going to write what I've been going through this week..

so Last Week:

Monday - hmm.. i can't remember.. I definitely watched my long overdue HIMYM episode..
- i think i did nothing..
Tuesday - I was redoing my EPSE416 assign..
- crap i forget.. i think the presidential vote was that day.. what did I do instead?? man my memory is fading..
- oh yeah.. i had a pain in the ass essay to write..
Wednesday - went to night class
- felt like this day was the day the world won the superbowl.. seriously.. Why do people have so much hope for Obama.. he may
not even be that great and glorious as many may think he is.. I just hate the whole that he's like God to everyone.. I don't know..
deep down.. i wanted McCain to win because he seems more experienced.. and he has solutions to problems rather than
using marketing schemes.. no offence.. it's done.. whatever.. 4 years from now.. things may have changed we will see.. Plus
Bush is still in office until the end of the year.. so everyone hold your horses.. wait till than to celebrate
Thursday - watched TV.. i think I did some hw..
Friday - went to my high-school.. and sat and observed some classes..
- went to HSM3!! yeah baby.. it was beyond amazing..
Saturday - watched School of Rock
- finished my EFDT101 readings
Sunday - d/l Jon Mclaughlin's new album "OK Now".. it sounds pretty good so far..
- had a fight with my sister for like two hours.. did we resolve anything?? i dunno.. maybe.. probably..
- finished portfolio questions fo Wednesday

.. TV night!! HIMYM.. Big Bang Theory, Heroes, The Hills, OTH.. (I guess..).. i love mondays.. watching "Intervention".. still gives me butterflies.. cause I know they're together.. that's the way the writers set up this episode.. i was jumping in my room.. telling myself .. "when Barney and Robin get together, it's going to be awesome..".. it's like Jim and Pam all over again.. but 100 times better.. haha..

Speaking of the Office.. that last Thursday episode.. was like the best episode I've seen in a long time.. I haven't seen a Dwight and Jim moment in ages.. it was worth the wait.. hilarious.. classic.. "Bill Buttlicker".. hehe..

To do by Wednesday..
- finish presentation notes.. practice presentation..
- read EFDT101 papers..
- work on Webquest.. doubt it.. it's not due for a while..

Other stuff:
- research for ECMM470 paper, EPSE416 paper, EPSE258 paper, EFDT101 paper..
- figure out a final project for ECUR279??
- finish webquest.. gotta.. do it..
- prepare lesson plans for end of November..

So it's Remembrance Day tomorrow.. a day for those who risked their lives a long, long time ago for me to continue living in a world not dominated by war and violence. But, aye there's the rub.. it still exists today.. I think Remembrance Day in relation to today's atmosphere.. is a day to remember those who have fallen before us.. and who have risked their lives for their country to have others live in a more peaceful place.. so i will bow my head on November 11, 2008 at 11:00 am.. to give my silence in respect to those fallen.. that should go for all the rest of you.. remember it's not a holiday/day-off.. it's a day of Remembrance..

sorry to end in such a depressing note.. let's cheer it up.. by saying HIMYM!!! yeah yeah!!


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