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Totally avoiding what I'm suppose to be doing...

Okay.. so I really don't want to do my essay.. and it's due tomorrow.. did I start it yet? uh.. haha.. nope.. but I'll eventually get to it..

So yesterday there was a new HIMYM episode.. finally. .the longest 14 days of my life..

So Ted got dumped at the aisle.. His friends are telling him to let out his anger.. but Ted says he's okay.. but he really wasn't..  The gang all go to a restaurant, and they see Stella.  Of course, they all duck under the table.  Lily, Barney, and Robin all flashback to people they would never want to see again..  Lily- Gasser, Barney-jailmate, Robin- her father.. respectively.. Robin's father issues were the most serious and heartbroken.. i felt bad for her..  Stella leaves the restaurant so the gang runs after her so Ted can confront his angst against her..  Of course, Ted has a "what if" confrontation with Stella, saying all the things that Stella did to Ted when she left him.. but realistically  Ted doesn't and takes the mature way.. and sees that Stella and him were not the love story to be.. that Stella and Tony is the love story that ends "happily ever after"..

Other Tidbits in this ep:
- Ted's "Kool and the Gang" reference
- Barney rides the tricycle again!
- Barney and Robin are next to each other alot in this episode, squee
- okay I read this on other journals.. Barney is not wearing a tie.. Robin is wearing a tie.. they totally did it.. lol. .prob not..
- also from this scene.. did you see the number of times Barney is staring at Robin while he's talking..??
- Alyson Hannigan as a freshman.. wow.. she totally looks like she belongs!! how does she do that??
- Robin's "y'all welcome".. hilarious..
- Barney's "son of a bitch".. also hilarious
- why does Barney say "strange" at the jail when he sees the second girl?
- the second time the gang ducks under the table.. that was really funny..
- Robin as a boy.. classic.. is it just me or was the boy Cobie was making out with way younger than her?? score for that kid actor!
- haha.. "american pretzels". blue line.. red line.. crease... canadian pop star haha.. Canada rules!!..
- Barney's comment to Robin.. "that's hot".. total chemistry!
- Marshall's star wars voice.. "you know it to be true"..
- Ted getting angry was definitely a highlight.. get mad Ted.. get mad!!
- Ted's way of bowing out gracefully.. definitely was a classy way to finally end this..
- also.. on Ted's map.. the last red area to be faded out.. is that a sign?? is that something to do with the mom?? prob not.. I'm just makin a big deal out of it..

Next week better have a barney/robin moment.. This episode was good.. I definitely loved how the writers handled Ted's anger.. he was very mature.. I really loved the song playing at the end of this episode.. i give it an A..

I have to start my essay.. and my other crap to do.. HSM3 this Friday!! yeah baby!!


re: second girl in the jail... He says "hel-loo, strange!" As in, he needs him some strange after spending all that time with wossface. He's partyin' it up with Dr. Strangelove. I've become less and less coherent over the past few days. Curse you, life. But I hope you get it! =)

Oh, that would be awesome if they were secretly together and the tie was a clue they're going to go back to, like the spaghetti sauce! But they probably won't. =( I also don't expect a whole lot of Barney/Robin for the next couple of weeks. But I've been wrong before. Frequently, in fact.

US election results tonight!!
wow i did not catch the strangelove reference.. thanks for clearing that up

I hope there are some brotp moments this week..5 more days!!..

congrats on making history in america!

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