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this week sucks

Hi people..

Well I watched Twilight yesterday.. my opinions.. well.. it was okay.. I felt like I was watching a long buffy episode.. But I did squee alot when Edward would talk to Bella.. so cute..  I thought it would be better.. It was just another typical teenage girl movie..

HSM3 was way better I think.. maybe cause it was less dark and moody.. hehe..

School sucks.. I've managed to finish 2 out of the 8 assignments due in the next couple of weeks.. yay me!.. lol..

I've stopped writing HIMYM reviews.. since well I don't have the time.. and Alot happens in an episode.. So I just read other people's reviews.. :)..  There better be some brotp moments this week.. it's been too long.. oh NPH.. why are you so wonderful.. oh yeah congrats to Cobie!... this is going to be a pickle for the writers, they'll prob pull an Angela like on the office.. but yay!..

Well I must go back to writing this essay.. peace out.. if I survive.. eek!


Ugh, Twilight. I read the first book and that was enough. My sisters went to see the movie today and tried to get me to go with them like 30 times, but I wasn't biting. And then I went to Borders today and it was freaking EVERYWHERE.

I'm so happy for Cobie and Blauman! But I am very curious to see how this double hide-the-bump game is going to go.

Good luck on your essay!!
lol.. i know twilight is everywhere.. the story is very predictable.. haha.. i like how you don't like Twilight, yet you have a icon.. lol..

I just realized there is no HIMYM this week.. grr... now I'm def sad.. better be worth the wait..

Thanks.. ugh.. school is almost done.. finals will start soon.. ugh again..

sorry to hear about Pushing Daisies.. I liked the show.. but I wasn't in love with it.. like HIMYM..
Haha, well, I use the icon to express my hatred for the series. Also, it makes me lol.

I'm kind of mad about this rerun. Why couldn't they have had this last week when I couldn't watch the show?! Grr. Oh well. Maybe now I have time to do my homework! Or, you know, write another HIMYM essay.

Oh Daisies... ;_;
I'm not sure if you're old enough to remember or if you've ever watched the show "my so called life" on the N but if u like that show then u might agree with me. I think if the people who made twilight more like that show meaning we see why Bella thinks about edward the way she does it would've been an awesome movie. In my opinion he treated her like trash but because he was cute she fell for him when all he deserved was a punch to the face.

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