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In need of an Update..

So I haven't posted in a while.. What's new world?? pretty much the same boring thing.  School has been in session since January.. and ever since than, I have been drained more than ever.  I'm so behind on so much stuff.. readings.. research.. papers.. more readings.. god.. it's exhausting.  Well it's the Feb break for the Canadians.. so it's been a pretty sweet week off so far.. I asked if I could pick up some more shifts.. but no go.. :(.. 

Holy crap!.. HIMYM- Benefits episode was amazing!.. This is by far my fav episode of the whole season so far..  I love it.. Robin!! don't you see Barney just professed his love for you!!.. I really hope she gets the clue soon, cause 2 people from the gang already got wind of it.. Robin needs to see this soon.  It sucks that I have to wait 3-4 weeks till the new episode.. And yes I admit to watching "The Stinsons" episode already, cause it was pretty much handed to my lap... it was alright.. not the greatest..  It sucks now cause I have to wait longer until the "real" next new episode comes.. if that makes sense.. I think it's something to do with Marshall's pants.. lol.. But I'm still going to watch "The Stinsons" on the tube cause I gots to support my show.. :).. it's my duty as a loyal fan.. even if I've seen it already.  HIGHER RATINGS MEANS MANY MORE SEASONS TO COME!!..  And plus I love when HIMYM gets recognition for being highly rated, I get all happy inside.. cause it's the little show that could..

Right now.. I've managed to accomplish some hw during the past few days.  I have to write a script for my TV production class.. which is like the best class ever.. I've never written a script before.. I have my scenes and storyboards laid out, kind of.. But not sure what the dialogue should be.. may da_phoenix13 could give me some tips??

Oh and I've totally gotten hooked on "Jon & Kate Plus 8".. its like the best family show ever.. the kids are so cute.. and they seem like a real family.. totally not scripted, like some shows.. I think I'm gonna catch up on some seasons.. cause I'm that lame.. :(..
I'm d/l Big Bang Theory Season1 and 2.. so I can watch it on my ipod.. cause to be honest re-watching HIMYM over and over is starting to wear me out.. (except Sandcastles in the Sand.. never can get sick of watchin this one :))

I must go back to my relaxing week of boredom and nonsense.. but not before I make a list of what needs to get done:

- definitely need to clean the basement.. (bathroom done! yay!)
- EPSE337 - prepare for assign2 presentation - Feb26
- ECMM476 - write script? - March2
- EDFT335 - autobiography research - Feb25
- EFDT335 - readings - Feb23
- ECMM404 - research discussions, e-learning plan - March2
- EPSE390 - research for group project - March26
- ECUR318 - research group project - March2
- ECMM476 - film the movie, edit movie.. - April6
- EPSE337 - assign3 - March26
- EDFT335 - write autobiography.. freakin 10 pages!! - April8
- ECMM404 - elearning plan - April10
- ECUR318 - Mini unit plan - April8

Man, there's alot of stinkin group projects.. school is annoying..


Okay, ready? Because I'm about to drop some knowledge.

Some important things to keep in mind when writing dialogue for a script are these handy-dandy tips I've picked up in screenwriting:

-Don't have a character say something that you can show just as easily. For example, if the character's angry, don't have him say "I am angry." Show it instead. The less you use dialogue, the better. Too much talking makes your script clunky. Your audience'll lose interest if you have the characters sit down and have a conversation that serves little or no purpose (think the first 20 minutes of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, if you've seen that). Make sure every word is there for a reason, whether that reason be advancing character, action, theme, or emotion.

-Images are so much more powerful than words when you're shooting something. Whenever possible, show rather than tell by using narrative (the non-talky parts of a script) in your script instead of lines of dialogue. Have you seen WALL-E? Everything's perfectly laid out in the first ten minutes, and not a single word is spoken. Not that your script should be dialogue-free or anything; but as I said, don't overdo it.

-Don't lay everything out so it's super obvious. If you leave blank spaces, it helps engage your audience. Our professor has a saying that scripts should be like this: 2 + __ = 4. Everyone knows what goes in the blank, and it makes them feel smart to figure things out when they're watching a movie. But make sure it's algebra, and not calculus. In other words, make sure whatever should be in the blank is pretty obvious, and that there aren't multiple options or that you have no idea at all of what's supposed to be there.

-Make the dialogue sound natural for that character. As long as you have an idea of who they are, that should be easy. It might help to pay close attention to how people talk in real life, too, to get an idea of how to make your dialogue sound more natural. (Last semester in creative writing, we had to eavesdrop on people and transcribe their conversations to learn how to make dialogue sound natural in our writing. It was great and awkward.)

Hope that helps! I'm sure your prof could give you some good tips too, that are more specific to your project. Reading examples of scripts might also help to give you an idea of what I'm talking about: I've found a lot at simplyscripts.com.

And it seems like you shouldn't have too much of a problem, since it seems like you already have a pretty clear idea of your story. That's always the hardest part for me.

PS- I heart Jon and Kate plus 8!

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